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Are Students Falling Behind?

Are Students Falling Behind?

Let’s face it. This year, students are facing the greatest challenge to their education in decades. Some will pull ahead in spite of the current situation. Many will never recover. Yet it is important to view these challenges as opportunities for students to distinguish themselves from their peers.

Right now, there is a growing group of motivated students taking control of their education by participating in educational after-school programs designed to build an academic foundation for college and beyond. Educational after-school programs give students a decisive advantage over students who don’t participate in them.

We at PA College Prep have been in the educational after-school business for over thirty years. We’ve helped hundreds of students move onto the colleges of their choice. Here are some of them:

I have been able to expand my knowledge and learn helpful techniques and skills that
not only helps with the SAT, but also with my education as a whole.”

-Andy Vu (accepted into UCLA)

“You are able to sense that the instructors truly want you to improve, succeed, and flourish.”
-Maria Saloom (accepted into UCLA)

“The instructors helped me understand my mistakes and the concepts instead of memorizing
them. I was able to increase my SAT score by 300 points in 9 weeks.”

-Huting Lin (accepted into Harvey Mudd)

When school finally starts again, it will be a stressful experience for many students. With all the recent news reports about students losing months of learning (“Learning Loss”), it’s no wonder so many parents are looking for solutions! Why not use this time now to make the transition easier by having them build a solid math and English foundation? We can help students get those “fuzzy” areas of math or English cleared up now!

For those of you hearing about us for the first time, PA College Prep would like to introduce you to the concept of educational after-school programs by offering potential new students a discounted first-day rate so your child can see how our program works, meet their teachers, use the materials and get hands-on with our interactive online class experience.

What about SAT test prep classes? We offer them! Aren’t SAT tests optional now? Well, yes, but which students will most likely be picked by colleges? Those that include a SAT score with their application or those without one? If students are serious about moving ahead of their competition, a solid SAT score will give them an edge.

If you are ready to take the next step, or are just curious as to what we have to offer, please click on the PROGRAMS tab above and download your subject of interest from our Fall 2020 schedule.

To your success!

Kitty Yue
Directer, PA College Prep

West Covina Campus

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